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      “Open Alpha”

      June 17/18, 2017
      Sheraton Vancouver Guildford

      Nothing But Games (NBG) is a NEW, 2-Day, Digital and Analog Gamers Convention for the Vancouver, BC Metropolitan area. The convention will promote the interests of fans of all types of games and gaming culture, offering 32-hours of non-stop board, rd, miniature, roleplaying, computer, console and arde gaming.

      General InfoFloor PlansBook a Room!Games!Vendors!Volunteer!Promote!FAQ

      General Information

      On June 17/18, 2017, we are hosting a brand new, 2-day spin-off event with 32 solid hours with nothing but games!

      Those who come out n expect content like the following:

      • The Artemis Bridge Simulator (x2 full setups!)
      • Modern Console Gaming
      • Retro Console Gaming
      • Handheld Gaming
      • Retro PC LAN Gaming
      • Board Gaming
      • Miniature Gaming
      • Tabletop RPGs
      • Popular CCGs
      • Vendors selling Games and Game-Related merchandise

      There will also be two hours set aside mid-day Sunday to hold WCSFA’s Annual General Meeting.

      If you love games of any or all kinds, we invite you to become a member and come get your game on!

      Membership Rates for Nothing But Games
      Discounts of up to 75% are available for those who sign up to volunteer at the event. See the Volunteer! section for details.
      Membership Type WCSFA Rate
      General Non-Member $40
      Member $35
      One Day
      May be upgraded to General at the event.
      Non-Member $25
      Member $20
      One Day Spectator
      n watch games and visit vendor hall. May not play games.
      May be upgraded to One Day or General at the event.
      Child (ages 0-6)   FREE

      Floor Plans

      NBG Open Alpha will be happening in several rooms on the second floor of the venue (Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel). The general layout of this floor is shown below – the event will be using all of the “Tynehead” section (Ballroom & Foyer) and the first two rooms in the “Green Timbers” section (GT1 & GT2)

      Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel Second Level Floor Plan

      Activities and Layouts

      The activities found in each of the rooms the event is in are noted below. This information is followed by detailed table layouts for each room; you may click on any room layout image to open a full-size version in a new browser tab or window.

      • Tynehead Foyer
        • Registration Desk
        • Arde Game binets
        • Retro LAN Games
        • Handheld Device Game Meetup, Indie Game Demos & Free Play Tables
      • Tynehead Ballroom
        • 1: Console Gaming (Console Games, Live Streaming, and also featuring Microsoft Vancouver)
        • 2 (top): Artemis Bridge Simulator (presented by Fired Up Events)
        • 2 (bottom): Miniature Gaming Tables
        • 3: Board and rd Gaming (Game Demos and Free Play Tables)
      • Green Timbers
        • GT1 = Roleplaying Game Tables
        • GT2 = Vendor Hall
      Tynehead Foyer Room Plan
      Tynehead Ballroom Room Plan
      Green Timbers 1 Room Plan
      Green Timbers 2 Room Plan

      Book a Room!

      Book a room at the convention hotel before 5 PM on May 25 28 31 and save 15%-20% versus the hotel’s regular rates.

      Even if you live lolly, booking a room makes a lot of sense. NBG starts at 10 am on Saturday, so a room on Friday night allows you to avoid having to get up super early to be at registration to pick up you badge right when it opens. It’s also running a solid, 32, non-stop hours (until 6 pm Sunday), so a room on Saturday helps you keep the 3-2-1 rule: by giving you a place to get three hours of sleep and take one shower before hitting the breakfast buffet (also at reduced rates for convention attendees) for the first of your two daily meals.

      Also, as the first time we’re running this con, getting a room at the hotel helps the event A LOT; it helps us negotiate our discounts with the hotels for future events. If you want this event to succeed, let’s pack this place. Encourage all your friends to get rooms so they n enjoy the overnight fun.

      NOTE: Cut-off Date for reserving rooms at the convention rate is 5:00 PM on 23 28 31-May-2017.
      Rooms n, of course, still be booked after the above deadline, just at regular room rates. If you end up doing this, please let the hotel know that you are an NBG attendee so that your room booking will be included in the numbers for the event. 

      Room Rates (up to double occupancy) are as follows:

      • $165 – Traditional Room with 2 Queens or 1 King + Pullout
      • $185 – Traditional Corner Room with 1 King
      • $214 – Club Room with 1 King + Pullout
        A Club room has the same layout as a traditional room but includes access to the Sheraton Club Lounge which provides a free continental breakfast and afternoon snacks.

      For triple and quad occupancy, add an $20 per additional person.

      All rooms include:

      • Free guestroom internet
      • Parking for one (1) vehicle.

      Reservations n be made in the following ways:

      • ll the Hotel directly at (604)-582-9288 or (1-888)-627-8063 and mention that you are booking rooms for the WCSFA’s Nothing But Games event
      • Going through the Online Reservation Site


      Whatever your gaming passion is, be it analog (e.g., board games, rd games, collectable rd games, roleplaying games, miniature war games) or digital (e.g., console games, PC games, handheld device games, retro arde games) or both, Nothing But Games has got you covered.

      So, read on to find out what games you could partake of during Nothing But Games’ 32 hours of gaming.

      Scheduled Gaming

      Scheduled Gaming

      Most scheduled RPG sessions, tabletop game demos, tabletop and digital game tournaments will occur during one of the three four-hour blocks on Saturday (11am-3pm, 3pm-7pm, 8pm-12am), the two four-hour blocks on Sunday (10am-2pm, 2pm-6pm) or even after-hours (12am-10am Sunday morning).

      We also invite you to join us on our Discord Chat Server at http://NBGBCNPC., which is where all the planning for the event is being discussed and tracked.

      Tabletop Game Hosts Wanted

      NBG is seeking individuals interested in hosting tabletop games at the event.

      Anyone who commits to teaching, running or demoing one or more tabletop games during the weekend qualify as event volunteers and may be eligible for discounted memberships based on how many hours of games they agree to host. (See the Volunteers! section for details.)

      XBox One S

      XBox One S

      Nothing But Games has made arrangements with the Microsoft Store at Metrotown to bring out a few XBox One S consoles for our attendees to try out. Each console will have the following games available to play:

      • FIFA17
      • Gears of War 4
      • Halo 5
      • Killer Instinct
      • Rocket League.


      Saturday, June 17 ONLY  — 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

      Retro PC LAN Gaming

      For those with a fondness for Retro PC LAN Games, Nothing But Games will have a Windows 95 LAN in place with seats for up to four people at a time and a collection of classic PC LAN Games available to play that includes:

      • Command and Conquer
      • Duke Nukem 3D
      • Gun Metal
      • Unreal
      • QuakeDoom
      • plus several more!


      • Saturday, 10:00 – 23:59, Regular Hours
      • Sunday, 00:00 to 10:00, After Hours
      • Sunday, 10:00 – 18:00, Regular Hours

      Game Sign Up and Play

      • During Regular hours, players may sign up for one-hour or two-hour time blocks
      • After hours is a first come, first served, free-for-all.
      • A player must complete their one or two hours of play before they may sign up again.
      • Each hour, current players choose what to play from among the available games.
      Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

      Artemis Starship Bridge Simulator

      Nothing But Games has a real treat for all space battle aficionados: we'll have two (2) physil setups for the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator on site, each including a ptain's chair, 8' screen and projectors, and individual bridge stations for five.

      The Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator allows you to feel like you're on the bridge of a spaceship. Six players assume the jobs of ptain, Helm, Science, Communition, Engineering, and Weapon Control. Together you operate your ship and defend the sector from evil aliens.


      • Saturday, 10:00 - 23:59, Regular Hours
      • Sunday, 00:00 to 10:00, After Hours
      • Sunday, 10:00 - 18:00, Regular Hours

      Team Registration

      • During Regular hours, teams may sign up for one-hour or two-hour time blocks
      • After hours is a first come, first served, free-for-all.
      • A team must complete their one or two hours of play before they may sign up again on the same day.
      More about Artemis

      Artemis Starship Bridge Simulator is a Windows PC game. Basilly, any Windows XP computer, or any newer OS version, should run the game. There are also IOS and Android versions of the game. For additional information, visit the game’s website: http://artemis.eochu.com/

      Assembling an Artemis Bridge Crew

      To assemble a full bridge crew, a team needs 6 people who will fill the following roles. Multiple stations n be controlled per player, but each ship NEEDS at least 2 players - Helm and Weapons.

      The ptain

      The ptain is simultaneously the most important member of the crew and the least involved in terms of physil gameplay. In an ideal setup with a full crew, the ptain doesn’t manage any of the bridge stations, instead focusing his/her efforts on monitoring the main screen, prioritizing targets, and timing the interactions of the crew. The ptain needs to maintain order among the crew members so the whole affair doesn’t become a shouty mess where you go warping into some bad guy's grill just to immediately eat a dozen photon torpedoes. Helms Officer The helms officer

      Helms Officer

      The Helms Officer flies the ship, manoeuvring in the battle for optimal positioning, going to warp/jump when it's time to haul ass, and managing the displays for the main screen. reful Helms play is essential for successful battle, helping to get the drop on enemies, avoid fire, and gain target lock. Helms officers also share control of the main screen display and shields.

      Weapons Officer

      The weapons officer manages the beams, torpedoes, nukes, mines, and shields for the ship, locking onto targets and blowing them to heck when the ptain commands it. Weapons officers have to prioritize which sort of torpedoes to load into the tubes, with a selection of Mines, Homing Torpedoes, Nukes, and ECM. Weapons requires a good deal of coordination with Helms and Engineering to be successful, setting up the shot and then giving the Weapons systems the power necessary to make it count.


      Engineering controls the very beating heart of the Artemis, managing the power systems and usage for the entire ship. If a given system has no power dedited to it, it doesn’t work. Engineering n add more power to something to make it work better, e.g. make the ship turn faster, beams fire faster, etc. Doing this will use that system to overheat, so engineering manages cooling systems. Engineering also manages the damage control systems, prioritizing ship’s repairs when damage is taken in battle. The interaction between Engineering, Helms, and Weapons will make or break any given combat, as a sudden loss of power to steering, weapons, or shields n have drastic consequences, and an extra boost n give you a big advantage over a more powerful ship.

      Communitions Officer

      The Comms Officer n transmit orders to friendly vessels, request a space station build a type of ordnance, and snoop on enemy communitions. Comms n also taunt enemy ships, getting them to attack your ship instead of a space station or friendly vessel. Comms n also order them to surrender. Finally, comms n signal RED ALERT (which doesn’t do much aside from blasting a really annoying sound from everyone’s console, and making the radar reticle turn red). Comms should hit RED ALERT a lot.

      Science Officer

      The science officer runs the advanced sensors of the Artemis, detecting and assessing enemy ships as well as finding space anomalies for the Artemis to investigate. Science’s ability to sn the shields of enemy ships provides Weapons with vital information need to prioritize targeting, and its ability to find anomalies n grant your ship a much-needed power-up when you don’t have time to dock with a space station.

      Console Game Library

      Console Game Library

      Nothing But Games has made arrangements with Save Point Gaming to provide our attendees with access to their consoles and a lending library of great games to play. To whet your appetite, here are some of the games that will be available for borrowing:

      Nintendo Sony Microsoft
      Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The
      Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
      Super Bomberman RWiiU
      Adventure Time: Explore This Dungeon
      Assassin’s Creed III
      Mario Kart 8
      New Super Mario Bros U
      Pikmin 3
      Super Smash Bros WiiU
      + 10 more


      Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
      Lego Batman
      Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7
      Mario Kart Wii
      Mario Party 8
      No More Heroes
      Rampage Total Destruction
      Super Paper Mario
      Super Smash Bros. Brawl
      +16 more

      OVER 50 MORE
      Games For

      Game Cube
      Nintendo 64
      Super NES

      Assassin’s Creed Unity
      Back to the Future: The Game
      Batman: Arkham Knight
      Fallout 4
      Lego The Movie: Video Game
      Madden 25
      Resident Evil VII
      Street Fighter V
      +7 morePS3
      Batman: Arkham City
      Bioshock Infinite
      ll of Duty: Black Ops
      Dead Space
      Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
      Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
      God of War Saga (1-3)
      Gran Turismo 5
      Grand Theft Auto IV
      Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix
      Mortal Kombat
      NHL 2012
      Portal 2
      Resident Evil 6
      Soul liber V
      Tekken 6
      Ultimate Marvel vs. pcom 3
      +46 more


      OVER 70 MORE
      Games For


      XBox 360
      Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
      Batman: Arkham Asylum
      Bioshock 2
      ll of Duty Black Ops
      ll of Duty Black Ops II
      Condemned 2: Bloodshot
      Dance Central
      Darkness, The
      Dead or Alive Xtreme 2
      Dead Rising
      Diablo III
      Fable II
      Forza Motorsport 4
      Gears of War 3
      Liberty City
      Halo 3
      Halo 4
      Halo Reach
      L.A. Noire
      Lego Batman
      Lego Indiana Jones
      Marvel Ultimate Alliance
      Marvel vs. pcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
      Mass Effect
      Mass Effect 3
      Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja: Storm 2
      Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja: Storm Generations
      Prince of Persia
      Red Dead Redemption
      Resident Evil 5
      Soul libur IV
      Super Street Fighter IV
      Tekken 6
      Tomb Raider: Underworld
      Ultra Street Fighter IV
      XBox Live Arde Unplugged
      +34 more
      Tabletop Game Library

      Tabletop Game Library

      Nothing But Games will have a huge number of board and rd games for attendees to borrow and play. The SFU Student Society ARC club has stepped up to run the library and will be adding the games in their library to WCSFA’s own collection; some members of the ConCom are lending their personal game collections; and we’re making arrangements with Starlit Citidel and Craving For A Game to have at least part of their libraries on site as well.

      WCSFA ARC Private Game Stores
      Settlers of tan
      Sailors of tan (Expansion)
      Miskatonic School for Girls
      Harry Potter rd Game
      Chez Guevara
      War of the Ring
      Lord of the Ring Trivia
      Lords of Waterdeep
      stellan Green/Yellow edition
      +20 more
      Sid Meiers’ Civilization
      The Grizzled
      sh ‘n Guns
      State of Emergency

      Kingdom Builder Batman
      Love Letter
      A Game of Thrones
      Dominant Species
      Welcome to the Dungeon
      King of New York 
      Coup: Rebellion
      Galaxy Trucker
      Puerto Rico
      Flash Point
      +15 more
      Lorenzo P.
      stellan Red/Blue edition
      Terra Mysti
      Broom Service
      Oregon Trail
      Kingdom Builder
      Are you a cultist
      Zombie Survival
      Halo Risk
      +5 moreJenni M.
      Pairs rd Game
      Apples to Apples
      LEGO Minotarus
      LEGO Ramses Pyramid
      LEGO Lava Dragon
      Edition Wars
      Star Wars Risk
      +4 more


      Deanna K.
      Tzolk’in The Mayan lendar
      Shadows over melot with Merlin’s Company Expansion
      Formula D
      Forbidden Island
      stle Panic
      The Golden City
      stles of Mad King Ludwig
      Cosmic Encounter
      +7 more

      Starlit Citidel
      Full Game Library


      Nothing But Games will have a small number of vendors available who will be selling game and geek/nerd related items. Even those who purchase $10 spectator passes n visit the vendor room and buy stuff.

      Confirmed Vendors

      Vendor Description
      t's Knitting t’s Knitting is a Vancouver BC based small operation that deals mostly in Fandom Knitting. t also is an excellent knitter of sweaters, blankets & such.
      Darkside Games Darkside Games is a lolly owned-and-operated electronic & board games business loted in downtown Chilliwack, BC. With over 5,000 games in stock From Atari to Xbox 1, we have games for almost all consoles (view our console list below)!
      Game Point Games Game Point is a game development company focused on bringing you creative new games that entertain, edute and enlighten! Our base of operations is on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, nada
      Geek Crossing Come on over to Geek Crossing Studio. A bright and inspiring craft-space for the nerdy community to be creative and celebrate their love for whatever gets their geek on. We think geek means passion and you n be passionate about anything. Come turn that passion into a craft at Geek Crossing.
      Pixelific Games Pixelific Games publishes Taoex (Pronounced [dow]+[icks]), a multi-player, multi-directional, board game requiring observation, memory and strategy, where you n pture your opponent’s pieces (hex shaped tiles) and prove your superior intelligence. Or they may surprise you with a ‘coup de grace’ tactic and eliminate you – all in the name fun!
      Pastime Sports & Games With stores in Langley, Surrey, and Tsawwassen, Pastime Sports and Games rries tabletop games, sports and autographed memorabilia, autograph meet & greets, and more. Everything to decorate a fan ve or bar.
      Placebo Art & rds Placebo Art & rds is run by Tobias Durose, an enthusiastic artist who loves games of all kinds.


      Nothing But Games is a fan-oriented and fan-run convention. All of the work that is necessary to make a successful con happen is done by volunteers. Done by the few, the proud, the elite. Join us, and help to make the Nothing But Games - Open Alpha event a success!

      What needs to be done? Everything! From planning the event to setting up before the event starts to taking things down after the event ends and especially all the things that happen during the event, it’s all done by volunteers. NBG is particularly on the hunt for volunteers interested in running/teaching board and rd games, hosting tabletop RPGs as well as helping to run the event.

      But value is given, and value is returned. There are lots of good reasons to be a Nothing But Games volunteer. Here are five (5) benefits that you might get in exchange for volunteering. We promise that you will receive all of the following things when you volunteer for Nothing But Games.

      1. Discounted entry to the convention. Anywhere from 60% off a one-day membership to 75% off a weekend membership, based on how many hours of work you do. There may also be other perks available, such as free t-shirts or volunteer-only raffle tickets.
      2. Cred. Do not discount this effect. Your peers will look upon you with awe.
      3. A warm, fuzzy feeling inside. You done good, so you feel good!
      4. Good karma. Notwithstanding any of the other benefits, when you participate in a worthy use, you get good karma. Anyway, that’s what we heard (to paraphrase Jackie Chan, playing the Drunken Monk in The Forbidden Kingdom).

      If you'd like to get involved, start off by joining our Discord Chat Server at http://NBGBCNPC. which is where all the planning for the event is being discussed, tasks are tracked, and jobs that need doing are assigned to those helping out before the event. (If you've never used Discord before, not to worry! Just register with Discord when you connect to the link, and you'll be directed to the browser version of the chat app. There is also desktop and phone versions of the applition available.)

      If you'd like to volunteer before or at the event, we also request that you enroll in the WCSFA Volunteer Corps. The Volunteer Corps exists for anyone with interest in helping out at WCSFA events and at other times when we need a few extra bodies to get something done. Enrolling lets us know who you are and what kind of work you'd be willing to do. Members of the Volunteer Corps will always be the first to hear about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

      Another way to volunteer at Nothing But Games is to host a tabletop game - e.g., a boardgame, rd game or roleplaying game (RPG). See the Games! section for details.

      Help Promote The Event!

      Anyone who is excited about the event and would like to help make it a success (so we n do it again next year) n assist us by promoting the event to friends, family and neighbours, in person and on social media. Another method to help promote the event is by downloading, printing and distributing our full page and quarter page flyers at friendly, lol game, comic or related shops; community centres; and other places that seem appropriate.

      If you contact us and let us know all the places you dropped off flyers we will even give you some time credit towards earning a discounted volunteer membership (see the Volunteer! tab for more details).

      The flyers are black and white and are sized for standard letter size paper.  We recommend using a brightly coloured paper if you have it available, but plain white is more than sufficient if that's what you have on hand.

      Download Full Page Flyer (PDF document) Download Full Page Flyer (PNG Image)


      What's all this about becoming a member?

      WCSFA, as a 100% volunteer run organization, sells memberships to its major events (such as Nothing But Games) rather than tickets. Each event membership purchased represents a support commitment towards the operational costs that must be met for the association to host that event successfully. Approximately 80% of the income for each event comes directly from these membership fees.

      Every member of one of WCSFA's major events is also a member of WCSFA itself, with $5 of the event membership fee going to support WCSFA directly. Every WCSFA member age 13 or older is a Voting Member, eligible to attend and vote at WCSFA General Meetings. Every member age 18 or older are also eligible to run for election to the WCSFA Board of Directors. WCSFA memberships expire a year after the last day of the event for or at which it was purchased.

      Current WCSFA members are also eligible for a $5 discount on memberships for other member-supported events like Nothing But Games or Northwest Fan Fest.

      Is my registration transferrable?

      Yes, NBG registration (and the memberships associated with them) are transferable (that is, you n give or sell them to someone else if you are not able to attend).

      To transfer your registration to another person before the end of online membership sales (noon, June 16, 2017), send an email to the NBG Registrar at [email protected] with the full name and email address of both the person who originally registered and the person it should be transferred to. The Secretary will follow up with both of you to update the registration record with other information.

      After online registration has closed, to transfer your registration you must provide the person you want to transfer it to with a signed note that includes the full name and email address of both yourself and the person it should be transferred to. This note must be brought, along with valid ID, to the NBG registration desk where the registration information will be updated, and a badge will be created for them.

      n I update my registration information?

      Yes. Send an email to the WCSFA Secretary at [email protected] with your full name and the email address used to register the membership to request changes.

      Do I have to bring a printed ticket to the event?

      No, physil tickets are not issued and are not required for this event. Instead, just show up at the Pre-Registration Pickup desk and present valid photo ID to claim your membership badge.

      The Pre-Registration Pickup desk should be open during the following hours:

      SAT: 9:30A - 8:00P
      SUN: 9:30A - 2:00P

      Outside of these hours, you will be able to pick up your membership badge from the convention's Operations Room. (Directions to its lotion will be provided at the venue.)

      What is the refund policy?

      Beuse each purchased membership represents a commitment to support the operation of the event, memberships are not refundable. However, they are transferable (that is, you n give or sell your membership to someone else if you n't attend the event). See the answer to the "Is my registration transferrable?" FAQ for details of how to transfer a membership.

      Question still unanswered?

      Contact us at ลิเวอร์พูล เช ล ซี สด ฟรี.

      วิเคราะห์บอล สเปอร์ส vs ลิเวอร์พูล คืนนี้| วิเคราะห์ บอล วัน นี้ ทั้งหมด| แอ พ สล็อต โร มา| วิเคราะห์บอล เออิบาร์ โอซาซูน่า| w88 ฝาก10 รับ 100| สล็อต joker ฟรีเครดิต ไม่ต้องฝาก ต้องแชร์ ถอนได้ | วิเคราะห์ บอล โลก 2021| แอพพนันเอ็นบีเอ| โปรฝาก50รับ100ถอนไม่อั้น pg| วิเคราะห์บอล ลีลล์ ดิฌง| บา ค่า ร่า บอล| ข้อความ โปรโมทเว็บพนัน| w88 สล็อต ฟรี เครดิต| สล็อต เครดิตฟรี 100 ไม่ต้องฝาก ไม่ต้องแชร์ | วิเคราะห์บอล การท่าเรือ พบ ราชบุรี| โปร 100 ถอนไม่ อั้น 918| เฟิร์ส สล็อตแมชชีน เพลง| ผล การ แข่งขัน ฟุตบอล เชียงราย ยูไนเต็ด| สมัครเอเย่นต์ เว็บพนันออนไลน์|